Monday, July 07, 2008

new life

Not all expecting mom's get in front of the camera when they are busy growing a new life in their belly...but the ones that do never regret it. Pregnancy is no doubt one of the most amazing miracles on earth. I can't imagine living in the era where pregnancy was ugly or something that made you look the other way. My grandmother tells me there was such a time. Can you imagine? I just cannot imagine!! Too many women are unable to experience such a miracle and if/when they finally do, it's a big deal! I was blessed myself with one miracle pregnancy and I did my best to treasure every minute, even the labor. Labor was, afterall, just more than one short day (37.5 hours to be exact) out of my entire life. I was just lucky to have experienced it AT ALL, not everyone gets that opportunity. So even if you decide not to document it professionally, do yourself a favor and capture it in snapshots! It can't hurt! :-)

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  1. these are GORGEOUS! That first one is just stunning. Beautiful work, beautiful pregnant mom. :)